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The Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Posted on December 8, 2015

hrv heat recovery ventilators

During the cold winter months in Ottawa, we as citizens do whatever is necessary in order to create and maintain efficient heat flow throughout our homes. Whether the heat is being provided by a furnace, gas fireplace or otherwise, ensuring that your heat source is working at an optimal level before the cold weather kicks in is always the smartest thing to do.

There are also devices that are able to help make your standard heating and cooling devices work more efficiently. A heat recovery ventilator is one of those devices. A heat recovery ventilator works by transferring heat between the inside and the outside of the home, which helps to regulate the indoor temperature.

Some of the benefits of a heat recovery ventilator include:

  • Improve’s your home’s overall efficiency
  • Works all year round (expels stale hot air in the summer to allow your air conditioning unit to work more effectively.
  • Helps you save money and energy

If you want to learn more about heat recovery ventilators contact your Ottawa hvac specialist. They will be able to help you choose the most efficient heat recovery ventilator model that will meet the needs of your home and budget.