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Oil to Gas Installations

Considering switching from oil to gas? You’re making a good choice.

According to local Ottawa gas provider Enbridge, you can save up to 2/3 of your home heating cost with natural gas. It also burns much cleaner than oil, so gas HVAC equipment is better for the environment by contributing much less to greenhouse gases.

Enbridge Gas Ottawa

Benefits of Switching to Gas

  • Most popular – natural gas is Ontario’s first energy choice for home and water heating, and because of this, using it can also add to the resale value of your home.
  • Less expensive – natural gas is over 50% less expensive than electricity and oil.
  • Many uses – natural gas can be used for all sorts of home and HVAC components, from furnaces to water tanks to fireplaces to swimming pools!
  • Reliable supply – with the abundance of gas lines, your supply of gas is very reliable and also very convenient in that sense.
  • Environmental – for both the delivery and combustion process, natural gas yields less solid waste and air pollutants than other conventional energy sources.

How to Switch

How do you get started in switching from oil to gas? It works like any other of our residential heating jobs.

  • Get in touch with us at 613-237-4040 or submit an online quote.
  • We apply for a gas meter on your behalf. Wait times for meters can be lengthy, so it’s best to book ahead.
  • We organize the removal of the oil tank and the installation of the new gas equipment.
  • We make sure everything is working smoothly and that you’re happy, and conduct a thorough cleanup afterwards.
  • As always, your satisfaction guaranteed.