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Home Comfort Overview

HVACHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning – and yet so much more.

Home HVAC Diagram

Home Heating

  1. Gas Furnaces: a system that pushes heated air throughout your home. Gas furnaces have cost and environmental benefits when switching from oil furnaces. We carry the full line of consumer-recommended Bryant furnace systems.
  2. Boilers: a radiant heating system that heats up water and circulates it through the home. From older homes to new homes with radiant floor heating, we install a variety of boiler makes and models.
  3. Gas Fireplace: an efficient addition to your home heating system that is a convenient alternative to wood fireplaces. We carry a wide selection of economical and realistic fireplaces to suit your home and comfort needs.
  4. Heat Pumps: an energy-efficient device that extracts heat from your home and transfers outside during the summer or vice-versa during the winter. Not sufficient as the only source for winter heating in Ottawa, but a convenient addition.

Home Cooling

  1. Air Conditioners: provides cooler air to your home and dehumidifies during summer. Our line of air conditioning units deliver on value, economy, and comfort.
  2. Fan Coils: a zone-specific device that blows air across coils filled with cold or hot water. Since generally not connected to ductwork, they are more easily and economically installed than a central heating/cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality

  1. Air Purifiers: a device that removes contaminants from the air, usually for those with health concerns such as asthma or allergies.
  2. Humidifiers: adds humidity to the air, mainly during winter.
  3. Filters: filter the air of dust and particles for cleaner air inside and to protect your HVAC equipment. Filters can make a big difference to the quality of air you breathe, and can help prevent asthma and allergies.
  4. Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV): an energy-efficient air intake system that will pre-heat the air it takes from outside to more closely match the current inside temperature before bringing the air into the home (resulting in less work for the other HVAC components).
  5. Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV): similar to the HRV but even more efficient by not just adjusting the temperature of the air it intakes, but also adjusting the humidity of the air before it is transferred into the home.

Hot Water Heaters

  1. Tankless Water Heaters (on-demand): instantly heats water as it passes through the device, and does not retain any water within it. They allow for more instantaneous and continuous flow of hot water, as well as energy savings in some cases. We offer tankless water heaters for sale or rental.
  2. Hot Water Tanks: a tank that maintains hot water within it to be supplied to areas of the home when needed. We carry a variety of tanks for sale and even offer hot water tank rentals.

Comfort Control

  1. Thermostats: often the most overlooked yet very important component of an HVAC system. The thermostats we carry can be as simple as temperature control or as complex as full automation to run all the above systems simultaneously to achieve ultimate home comfort. Learn more to see what level of control you're looking for.