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Home Heating Management

Posted on September 28, 2017

Fall is here (and the temperature has finally started to match the time of the year). Falling leaves, beautiful orange and brown colours and pumpkins are wonderful, but they aren’t the only things to concern yourself with. Is your furnace … Continue reading

Home Heating Maintenance

Posted on September 1, 2017

With the beginning of September comes back to school for kids, and cooler temperatures for all of us. Fall may not have officially commenced, but with the recent dip in temperatures, it’s time to get into that state of mind … Continue reading

Affordable and Reliable Home Comfort

Posted on December 9, 2016

Life can be full of surprises, but the one constant that always exists is change. The weather will change from hot to cold (and then back again!) which will result in a change in the mood of people as well. … Continue reading

A Functioning Furnace for the Family

Posted on December 2, 2016

Firstly, try saying that title ten times fast! It’s amazing how people tend to only think about things that they need long after they should have originally planned to get whatever it is that they needed in the first place. … Continue reading

Optimization for Best HVAC Performance

Posted on September 27, 2016

Autumn is now upon us, which means a few things: the leaves are changing to a beautiful golden brown and orange, it gets darker much earlier and the temperature has started to dip (especially in the morning and evenings). When … Continue reading

Home Heating Maintenance

Posted on August 15, 2016

As sad as this fact may be, the cooler fall months are vastly approaching. Not only does that mean things like back to school and dressing a bit warmer, it also means it’s the perfect time to check to ensure … Continue reading

Size of Furnace and Home Comfort

Posted on February 23, 2016

For a long time many people have equated the size of something with how well it works and its efficiency. Take a vehicle for example; many moons ago a bigger more powerful sounding vehicle was a symbol of strength and … Continue reading

Improving Your Furnace Efficiency

Posted on November 10, 2015

  If living in Ottawa has taught us anything it’s that one, poutine and beavertails are amazing and two, the weather can be very unpredictable. Last week was unseasonably warm (and wonderful), but it was almost like a tease because … Continue reading

Benefits of regularly changing your furnace filter

Posted on August 19, 2015

Sometimes the benefits of something may not be immediately apparent, but still definitely exist. Remember when you were a kid and your parents would constantly be on your case about keeping your room clean? ‘You’ll thank me when you’re older’ … Continue reading