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Benefits of a Heat Pump for your Ottawa Home

Posted on November 3, 2015


Now that we are officially in November, there are a few things that most Ottawa residents must consider: booking an appointment to get winter tires installed on your car, creating a strategy for Christmas shopping and most importantly making sure that your home heating system is working properly. Ideally, staying on top of your hvac products such as your furnace, air conditioner, fireplace and thermostat is the best way to ensure that each product is working at an optimal level for when you need it. The best way to make sure your home comfort products are always operating at the top level is to schedule maintenance services.


A home comfort product that you may want to consider for the upcoming Ottawa winter is a heat pump. Heat pumps are similar in look to air conditioners, but can heat up and cool down a room. Not only can heat pumps provide financial savings, they also have many other benefits that include:


Can quickly and effectively heat up a room

Improves air quality in the home by promoting outside/inside air exchange

Uses only electricity, thereby making it more eco-friendly


If you want to upgrade, maintain or change the hvac product in your Ottawa home, make sure to consult with your local Ottawa hvac specialist.